This two part series is a master course on multiple body systems, combining advanced manual techniques with clinically-tested unconventional treatments to focus on optimizing results for the most complex cases. The human body is magnificently complex, and the optimal treatment requires a robust and adaptable methodology - RevMethod® is born of that reality. Discussion and reasoning will focus to challenge our learned paradigms, opening the door to treatment techniques and clinical results beyond current expected norms and dictated conventions. Remaining rooted in science and biological theory, this course will take practitioners to the outer boundaries of what is possible when treating human movement.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Assess and treat dysfunction of multiple body systems, including visceral, digestive, lymphatic, and emotional systems as related to optimal movement

Perform a detailed evaluation of a complex case, as well as utilize advanced clinical reasoning to justify treatment approach and selection of techniques within the RevMethod® full-body approach

Register for elective/optional final practical examination demonstrating comprehension and implementation of the entire RevMethod® curriculum, which upon achieving a passing grade by RevMethod® faculty, will be awarded the certification RevMethod® Certified Practitioner (RMCP).

Emphasis of course:

Assessment and treatment of multiple body systems

Description and utilization of unconventional techniques as related to scientific basis for the treatment of complex case presentations

Course content for practitioners prepared for mastery in the field of human movement optimization