This two part series continues the RevMethod® journey with an intensive focus on the proper implementation and techniques of manual therapy, therefore open to all practitioners licensed for manual treatment as part of their field's scope of practice. Part A of Rev3 will cover detailed information on assessment and manual treatment of the articular system, indications and justification for technique appropriateness, and the clinical reasoning to justify particular manual techniques. PartB will continue that work with a heavy focus on manual therapy of the fascial system and muscular system with an integration to the whole body and the biomechanical foundation underlying the treatment reasoning. All advanced manual therapy techniques will consistently be related back to the foundational framework of RevMethod® as part of an overall approach to treating the complex interrelated nature of the human body.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Assess articular, muscular, and fascial components of all centers of rotation in the human body

Demonstrate correct execution of manual techniques 

Justify clinical reasoning for the usage of manual techniques in case study presentations

Emphasis of course:

Assessment and manual treatment of the articular, muscular, and fascial systems

Hands-on corrective techniques taught by certified experts in manual therapy

Integration of manual therapy with corrective exercise prescription for optimal results