Building from the fundamentals covered in Rev1, the Rev2 curriculum will delve deeper into the transverse plane assessment and treatment, empowering practitioners to correct and treat cases presenting with more complex dysfunction. Combining didactic learning to review relevant anatomy and biomechanical principals of all rotational centers of the body, along with supervised and thorough hands on lab modules for experiential learning, participants completing Rev2 will be equipped to address more challenging cases and client/patient presentations. Designed to create a systematic and reproducible method for movement practitioners to fully understand and utilize, Rev2 is also open to all practitioners certified to address and optimize human movement.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Assess and prescribe correct exercises for all rotational centers of the body, including relevance and effect on the 7 major rotational centers

Describe methodology of complex rotational assessment and implement strategy for correction of more complex case presentations

Submit elective/optional case study demonstrating comprehension and implementation of Rev1 and Rev2 curriculum, which upon approval by RevMethod® faculty, will be awarded the certification RevMethod® Movement Specialist (RMMS).

Emphasis of course:

Complex movement assessment

Gait assessment

Critical thinking to address complex cases

Prescription of exercise to address challenging patient/client presentations