Rev1 is open to all movement coaches, healthcare practitioners, and fitness trainers. The Rev1 introductory course will provide participants with fundamental knowledge of the human body in relation to movement assessment, understanding planes of motion, examining key centers of rotation and identifying common deficits related to these centers. Each participant will learn how to selectively identify common anatomical and biomechanical causes of a person’s movement dysfunction. They will also be able to practically reason through any scenario to achieve optimal results. After completing the course they will know when to refer a client out when they present with issues outside of their scope of practice. RevMethod® trained individuals will also be provided with immediate tools to utilize in their field of practice to affect changes for their clients and change how they move, feel, and perform.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Evaluate and assess patients/clients 7 primary centers of rotation

Describe anatomical reasoning for selective tissue tension testing findings

Accurately perform selective tissue tension testing assessment at 7 primary centers of rotation

Appropriately prescribe exercises to address imbalances found in the transverse plane and justify reasoning

Perform screening of patients/clients for safety and accurately identify necessary referrals

Emphasis of course:

Movement assessment

Interpretation of movement dysfunction

Strategies to increase performance