Co-Founders Mike, Chad, and Joe

About RevMethod®

Our co-founders Dr. Michael Oakes, Dr. Chad Woodard, and Dr. Joseph Turcic understood that the fitness/wellness and healthcare fields were evolving. Personal trainers and coaches were becoming increasingly more knowledgable taking many continuing education courses and bettering their craft. As Doctors of Physical Therapy they knew that Physical Therapists and other healthcare providers would need to push their standards as well in order to maintain and elevate their status as specialists. After taking a course one weekend, which was open to both trainers and healthcare providers that left them rather disappointed and craving for higher quality continuing education they decided to create RevMethod®.

A unifying commonality among most of the courses that Mike, Chad and Joe have taken over the years along with clinical experience was an emphasis on rotation and dysfunction in the transverse plane. Whether it be the specific arthrokinematics of a joint, more global myofascial asymmetries, or poor global movement patterns they saw that when addressing these issues with their clients/patients people got better. Therefore they decided to collaborate and put together their individual assessment and treatment approaches in one whole body multidimensional method aimed at uncovering, understanding, and overcoming the dysfunctions they may encounter in a fellow human. Therefore RevMethod® was born, in an effort to empower fitness and health practitioners with a method that is truly a whole body approach, taking into consideration all the body systems, and multiplanar motion utilizing advanced corrective techniques. A strong emphasis is placed specifically on when to use which tools when you have a patient or client directly in front of you that needs you to do something to get them pain free, moving more efficiently, and back to doing what they love at the highest level they can.